Monday, April 16, 2012

Wow, long time no post

Goodness me, its been a while since I last updated this!

                                     Lets get started with the updates, shall we?

Okay so my current big excitment is today I got accepted for a credit card :3 naughty me.

Why the credit card you ask?

                                                         So I can buy this baby

isfkjsdfjisdjf I am SO excited. Naturally I wanted a moped that was baby pink because I love pink. I also love pink so much that I shall be getting a pink helmet, pink gloves and a pink jacket. I even have pink dm's to wear with it. Of course there will be a Hello Kitty sticker somewhere in the equation...

Getting to work is costing me a lot of money due to issues with transport after 8pm and on weekends. It'll be cheaper to get to work on this! Just gotta get some security on this bad boy and do my CBT so I can ride around with my learner plates mwuahaha :3


Also as I'm sure a lot of you know thanks to my youtube channel, Josh and I went on holiday to Berlin a few weeks ago. We had a lovely time there and also celebrated our 2 whole years of being together. Time sure does fly by when you're in love :3

For me, the best part of the whole trip was going to the Zoo! ahhh I love cute animamamamals so much ^-^ They had little red pandas there and they were so fluffy!

The Berlin wall was pretty cool as well! Such amazing artwork on a structure that seperated people...

I do miss Germany a lot now :( The people, the culture, the food... it was so lovely ;3; we'll be back soon Berlin, dontchu worry!

But, on another good note, Josh and I are going to Japan in September :3 am I excited? Yes I am!
 We're also going to Amsterdam in July, so 2012 is all about the travelling! You never know, you may spot me!